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  • Newsletter: March 7, 2020
    Hello all, I hope everyone stayed safe, and healthy this week.  The hype around Covid-19 is getting worse. My employer has cancelled almost all travel, for likely three months.  So I just became a full time documentation junkie which really sucks. The staying home part is nice though. On the… Read more »
  • Step by Step: How to document your environment with the As-Built report by Tim Carman (PowerShell/PowerCLI/PScribo)Step by Step: How to document your environment with the As-Built report by Tim Carman (PowerShell/PowerCLI/PScribo)
    So many of us have seen the As Built Report by Tim Carman.  It’s a fantastic resource but if you’re not a strong Powershell/PowerCLI user there are a few steps you may be unaware of.  Follow along from a new workstation perspective and we’ll go through everything you need. This… Read more »
  • Quick Post – PowerCLI Firewall Requirements
    Last night I was working in an environment that has a reasonably well locked down NSX distributed firewall, and I was having some issues with PowerCLI. PowerCLI 10.2 on Windows, connecting to vCenter Server 6.7, to be specific. Port 443 was allowed from the jump host to vCenter Server, but… Read more »
  • Need to document your environment? Check out “As Built Report”
    Documentation – ew, yuck.  I know, I know.  However, if you work in an environment with tight change control and validation requirements then this will strike your fancy. For the longest time I’ve combined bits and pieces of various scripts and utilities such as RVTools, Alan Renouf’s vCheck Report, some… Read more »
  • VMworld 2018 – The Highs and Lows – Part Two
    In my previous post I wrote about the lows in my lead up to VMworld 2018. After making a few necessary changes to my travel itinerary I was now ready to board the plane for the long haul to Las Vegas. Aussie vMafia The first highlight of my trip was… Read more »
  • As Built Report – working with it in my lab
    Hi all, This tool is most excellent.  It can produce detailed, or more detailed, or most detailed reports of your vSphere environment. I should mention that when I use setting 2 for detail I get a Word document that is 9 pages long but when I use the default of… Read more »
  • Newsletter: September 8, 2018
    Hello all, I hope everyone who reads this is doing well?  It was wonderful to see and chat with many of you last week at VMworld. I was able to write up some of what I enjoyed at VMworld, but I am updating it as I watch videos that are… Read more »
  • Automate VMware vSphere Documentation with PowerShell and PowerCLI
    Let’s face it, documentation is something that none of us get too excited about. We all know it is a necessary evil, and you are glad when you have it, but if you are like me, you hate to have to create it. In reviewing the top VMWorld sessions, there… Read more »
  • As Built Report – Documenting Your Datacentre Infrastructure with PowerShell
    Having worked the last 10 years as an IT consultant for a leading systems integrator, I have written my fair share of documentation. From design documents, migration plans, test plans, operational guides and health checks, I’ve done it all. But nothing annoys me more than having to write as built… Read more »
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