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  1. What is AsBuiltReport?

    As Built Report is an open source configuration document framework which utilises Microsoft PowerShell to produce as-built documentation in multiple document formats for multiple vendors and technologies.

    The framework allows users to easily generate clear and consistent documentation, for any environment which supports Microsoft PowerShell and/or a RESTful API.

  2. What versions of PowerShell are supported?

    AsBuiltReport will generally support both Windows PowerShell 5.1 and PowerShell 7, however each individual report will have its own system requirements.

    Please refer to the report module user guides for PowerShell compatibility and system requirements.

  3. What is PScribo?

    PScribo (pronounced 'skree-bo') is an open-source project created by Iain Brighton.

    PScribo provides a set of functions that make it easy to create a document-like structure within Powershell, without having to handle multiple output formats. A document's layout and contents only need to defined once regardless of target output format(s).

  4. What document formats are supported?

    DOCX (MS Word), HTML & Text are all supported document formats.

  5. Do I need Microsoft Word installed to generate a report in DOCX format?

    No. Microsoft Word is not required to generate the report, however a document viewer which supports the DOCX format would be required to view the report.

  6. Please refer to the installation page for instructions on how to perform an offline installation of AsBuiltReport.

  7. How can I contribute to the project?

    Please refer to the contributing page.

  8. How can I donate to the project?

    Please refer to the donate page.

  9. How can I provide feedback or ask for help?

    Please refer to the contact page.