1. What is AsBuiltReport?
    Please refer to the documentation page.
  2. What versions of PowerShell are supported?
    All report modules are supported with Windows PowerShell 5.1.
    Please refer to the compatibility page for a complete list of the reports and their compatible PowerShell versions.
  3. Does AsBuiltReport work with PowerShell Core / 7?
    At this time only certain report modules currently support PowerShell Core or PowerShell 7. Most AsBuiltReport modules are still heavily dependent on vendor PowerShell modules in order to collect the information for each report, and therefore we rely on the vendor to fully support Core / 7 as well.
    Please refer to the compatibility page for a complete list of the reports which are compatible with PowerShell Core & PowerShell 7.
  4. Why do I need to pre-install vendor’s PowerShell modules?
    Not all vendors provide PS modules, some still use PS snap-ins, and some do not provide their PS modules via PowerShell Gallery. For these reasons, we rely on the user to ensure any 3rd party modules are pre-installed.
  5. What document formats are supported?
    DOCX, HTML & Text are all supported document formats.
  6. Do I need Microsoft Word installed to generate a report in ‘Word’ format?
    No. Microsoft Word is not required to generate the report, however a document viewer which supports the DOCX format would be required to view the report.
  7. How do I install AsBuiltReport if I do not have access to PowerShell Gallery?
    Please refer to the installation page for instructions on how to perform an offline installation of AsBuiltReport.
  8. How can I contribute to the project?
    Please refer to the contributing page.
  9. How can I donate to the project?
    Please refer to the donations page.
  10. I have written a blog post about AsBuiltReport. How do I get it added to the blogroll?
    Simply add an ‘As Built Report’ tag to your blog post and send a message via the contact page with the URL to your website’s RSS feed. We will add your site to our RSS aggregator. All current and future posts tagged with ‘As Built Report’ will then be automatically displayed on the blogroll.
  11. How can I provide feedback or ask for help?
    • Send a message via the contact page