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New-AsBuiltConfig starts a menu-driven procedure in the PowerShell console asking the user a series of questions to create a JSON configuration file. The JSON configuration file may be saved and referenced by the AsBuiltConfigPath parameter in New-AsBuiltReport.

New-AsBuiltConfig is automatically called by New-AsBuiltReport if the AsBuiltConfigPath parameter is not specified. If a user wishes to generate a new As Built Report configuration without generating a new report, this command can be called as a standalone cmdlet.


There are no additional parameters for this command.


  1. Starts a menu-driven procedure to create an As Built Report configuration file.

    Example 1

    New-AsBuiltConfig Sample Output

    As Built Report Information

    Enter the name of the Author for this As Built Report [Tim]: Tim Carman

    Company Information

    Would you like to enter Company information for the As Built Report? (y/n): y

    Enter the Full Company Name: ACME Inc

    Enter the Company Short Name: ACME

    Enter the Company Contact: Wile E. Coyote

    Enter the Company Email Address: [email protected]

    Enter the Company Phone: 555-555-5555

    Enter the Company Address: 1 Looney Tunes Street

    Email Configuration

    Would you like to enter SMTP configuration? (y/n): y

    Enter the mail server FQDN / IP address:

    Enter the mail server port number [25]: 25

    Use SSL for mail server connection? (true/false): true

    Require mail server authentication? (true/false): false

    Enter the mail sender address: [email protected]

    Enter the mail server recipient address: [email protected]

    Do you want to enter another recipient? (y/n): n

    Enter the email message body content: As Built Report attached

    As Built Report Configuration

    Would you like to save the As Built Report configuration file? (y/n): y

    Enter a name for the As Built Report configuration file [AsBuiltReport]: ACME

    Enter the path to save the As Built Report configuration file [C:\Users\Tim\AsBuiltReport]: C:\Documents\Clients\ACME\AsBuiltReport

    Name Value
    Email {Port, Server, Body, UseSSL…}
    UserFolder {Path}
    Company {ShortName, Phone, Contact, Email…}
    Report {Author}
    New-AsBuiltConfig Sample JSON Configuration
            "Email": {
                "Port": "25",
                "Server": "",
                "Body": "As Built Report attached",
                "UseSSL": true,
                "To": [
                "[email protected]"
                "Credentials": false,
                "From": "[email protected]"
            "UserFolder": {
                "Path": "C:\\Documents\\Clients\\ACME\\AsBuiltReport"
            "Company": {
                "ShortName": "ACME",
                "Phone": "555-555-5555",
                "Contact": "Wile E. Coyote",
                "Email": "[email protected]",
                "Address": "1 Looney Tunes Street",
                "FullName": "ACME Inc"
            "Report": {
                "Author": "Tim Carman"